New Jersey Pushing Gambling Forward


The policy of expanding online gambling switches to an offensive mode in certain regions of the United States of America, and the example of New Jersey is particularly interesting. Government online gambling regulators designated a deadline for submitting applications of state license to organize online games of various kinds, ranging from poker and ending with slot machines, giving the choice of an operator.

An interesting fact is that every brick and mortar casino of Atlantic City has already submitted the applications. The term for processing the requests is deadlined in the fourth quarter of 2014. Although this fact has a perfectly reasonable explanation: online casinos some sort of internet shops compared with ground stores where the real costs are significantly reduced due to the range of commonly known factors.

The expert opinion

Government regulators demanded a specific designation of planned online partners who have a certain status and name. The official representative of an organization of gambling regulation institution of New Jersey Lisa Spengler issued an open statement:

‘We have studied a good number of submitted applications to keep the official online gambling business from a number of applicants. At the same time among the partners cooperating with online gambling organizers there is a number of big names, such as Borgata and Caesars Entertainment, Bwin.Party, 888 and etc.’.

One of the requirements for applicants looking to establish legal online gambling in the territory of New Jersey, is an indispensable requirement for the location of the main sites in Atlantic City. Tobin Prior, who is the head of the gambling organization Union of New Jersey said:

‘The scheme of online casinos organization, based on the platform of real land casinos, has passed the testing in Nevada quite successfully and proved to be a working scheme’.

This way or the other, the deadlines set by regulators of online gambling according to some analysts are not entirely acceptable for several reasons. So a well-known analyst in the world of online casinos from no less famous Deutsche Bank, Andrew Zarnett expressed his opinion:

‘Established by the government of New Jersey period of November 2014 is too arrogant and not quite real. After all, the unaccounted problems will necessarily come to the light. This is almost inevitable fact, but what sorts of problem will we collide with? This is the main question’.

In any case, regardless of the timing of the project running, the end result, of course, will also clearly and certainly will be positive. The only question is the time frame that would be used for the implementation of the plan. After the successful examples of the implemented legalization in terms of taxation incomes, there is no doubt the government regulators will do everything possible to steadily introduce new legal frameworks. According to a Swedish gambling website casino, a digital house for piles of statistics and reviews, the amount generated at least within the first week after online gambling in New Jersey exceeded $85ml, lower than expected. But in either event, the regulators will gladly accept such a budget replenishment, rather than nothing.